Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in the last cabinet meeting – Come after winning, meet soon:


A cabinet meeting was held on Sunday, March 3, under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This was the last meeting of the Modi cabinet. In this, PM Modi gave only one direct message before the Lok Sabha elections: go and come back after winning. We will meet soon. This meeting is being described as a brainstorming session.

Plans for the next 5 years, the vision document Vikas Bharat 2047, and planning for the first 100 days during Modi’s third term were discussed in the meeting. According to sources, the Prime Minister told the ministers to be careful while meeting people, especially during elections. In about an hour-long speech, Modi asked ministers to stay away from controversies and also beware of deepfakes.


Modi also asked the ministers to go among the people during the election campaign and explain the steps taken by the government for the development and welfare of the people.

PM Modi has been holding meetings of the Council of Ministers from time to time to discuss the policies of the government, but the meeting held on Sunday (March 3) is very important in view of the Lok Sabha elections to be held in April-May. The Election Commission may announce the election schedule in the next 15 days.

What is Viksit Bharat 2047 ?
According to sources, a developed India is a comprehensive blueprint that includes national thinking (national vision), expectations (aspirations), goals (goals), and what will be done (action points).

An officer said that 2700 meetings, workshops, and seminars were held at various levels for the roadmap of a developed India. Also, 20 lakh youth gave suggestions for this.

The Roadmap for a Developed India is the result of over two years of intensive preparation and has been prepared in consultation with all ministries and state governments, academia, industry bodies, civil society, and scientists.

Modi had advised to remain silent and said, This time the aim is to achieve a record victory.
At the national convention of the BJP, Prime Minister Modi advised the leaders to maintain silence for two days. Modi has asked the party leaders to maintain silence, i.e., not to go to the media and say anything about the meeting.

Along with this, Modi has asked the divisional in-charges to meet each Panna Pramukh at least once in 30 days. Modi wants the BJP to reach every voter personally. For this, all the leaders and workers have been asked to increase votes by 370 at every booth.

There are 10 lakh 35 thousand booths in the country, that is, about 1900 booths in one Lok Sabha constituency. If 370 votes are added at each booth, then 7 lakh votes will have to be added in one Lok Sabha constituency, and 38 crore voters will have to be added in the entire country. The source, on condition of anonymity, said that the Prime Minister’s entire aim is to create a record of victory.

The big things for PM in the executive meeting…

  • The PM said that the target of taking the BJP beyond 370 and the NDA beyond 400 is not just a figure. Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee had sacrificed his life to make Jammu and Kashmir an unbreakable and indivisible part of India. This will be a true tribute to him.
  • BJP workers at every booth should increase the votes received last time by at least 370 for the next 100 days. He said that those who are first-time voters should be motivated to vote in favor of the BJP with all their might. Women should not be considered mere voters but should receive the blessings of their mothers and sisters.
  • The PM said that the opposition will do the politics of ‘Tu-Tu, Main-Main’ and raise the mud of unnecessary allegations, but we have to gain public support on the basis of poor welfare works and development achievements.

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